Sunday, September 4, 2011

Three Day Weekend!

Yayy no school!♥

Well I didn't do anything special on my three day weekend. I'm just happy that I get a break from school even when it's a lil bit.(: Well my family wanted to go fishing but I didn't want to so I stayed with my Lola(Grandma) and I didn't do much at her house soooo I camerawhored a lil bit...alot a bit but I won't post them only cause too manyy pics. -.- I will show you picture of Conan the fluffy dog!. You have no idea how hard it is to take a picture of him.
See that fluffy blurry thing!. That's him. He made me move too. Could've been a good picture. ;(
Then he did this. Laughing at me cause I can't take a good picture of him.

&& then after that. I hung out with my lil cousins and we went to the park...

We went to this pirate playground. See the tresure chest at the back?.

I started thinking about Halloween. I know Halloween is like 2months away. Am I right?. But I still can't help thinking. Should I even dress up this year?. Hmmm. Maybe just for fun.(: Then there's the question of WHAT. What am I going to be?.

A cop maybee?. Stores are already getting out Halloween costumes this month, so I'm not the only one that's early.(x Picture taken at the store.
OR a pirate?. Lmfaoo. Picture taken at Grandma's house.(:

Sooo I want to know...
Are you guys dressing up this year?. If so what?.(:
Leave me a comment.♥