Saturday, July 30, 2011

The People of Wal-Mart.

Well everyone knows Wal-Mart and most people shop there and everyone knows there's alot of crazy people in this world. Yesterday night I was on my twitter and this person tweeted about this website where you can see pictures of wal-mart shoppers but don't worry you might not be on there, let just hope.(x I just had to put this as a one of my blog posts only because it was really entertaining and I'm pretty sure it'll entertain you guys too.(: I only hope that I'm not on any of their pages.

Some of the pictures on the website:

Just had to put this as the first picture.

Isn't this sexy girls?.(;

I hope she didn't do this on purpose because those shorts are wayyyy too little on her. I don't think she even knows. O.o

It's already unattractive enough that he's sagging helluh low but TWO pants?. Really?...

Lmfaooo Superman's wife.(x

I think he cut out that hole on purpose just to let people see his sexy butt crack.(x

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update ♥

I haven't really been posting as much as I used to. Lmfaooo posting every two to three days but it's not like I'm going to leave this blog behind. Hellll nooo. I will still update ALOT. Trying to find out interesting things to blog about. I don't blog in one category really. I blog about EVERYTHING I want to blog about.(: && hopefully it interests some of you guys. ♥

A Lil Update:
Well as you may know someone broke the window of my Dad's car and stole his GPS but he got that fixed on Monday and he also got a new GPS system. I haven't been feeling well the last 3 days which I have no idea whyy. ;( It's weird because next thing you know I feel alright and then I suddenly feel sick to my stomach. I have only been eating 1 meal a day only because I have been feeling full the rest of the day plus my stomach acts up. I'm hoping this will be gone soon tho, I'm pretty sure it will.

On that note I will post pictures up now because this post will just be plain boring without pictures.(x

Comfort Food: Tempura Udon
Dousn't that look good?. Sadly I barely even finished this. ;( My stomach acted like it was full even tho I didn't eat all day plus my stomach was acting up anyways.
Comfort Food: Tempura Udon
Do you see the tempura on the right?. Yummm(: Who dousn't like tempura. I did finish most of the tempura tho...well I think I did.

Not a Comfort Food: Steak, Potatoes,&& Crab Legs
If I wasn't sick I would've been eating this and finishing it no problem!. I would also have the energy to even think about eating this. I did eat this last week ago when I didn't feel sick at all and I finished it. Yummm!. :D

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Broken car window. :(

I was going to go out with my family this morning and I saw this on my Dad's car...

Got broken peaces of glass inside too.

I mean who does this shit?. People work hard for their things so idk why people want to ruin it. I'm hoping this dousn't happen again. I'm guesing they were just passing by when they saw the GPS system out in the open that's why they broke the car window. That's all they stole so I'm guessing they were also in a hurry not to get caught. I hope this dousn't happen to you guys but sadly there's alot of stupid arrogant people in this world.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mini Trip.(:

I should've posted this sooner but I still haven't gotten all the pics and I'm not so patient so I'm just going to post the pics I took cause my family's taking too long to send me what they took but whatever my pics are better than their's anyways. >.> ....jkjk.

Day 1:
The day started off when I was about to put my contacts on and I saw a rip. :( So basically I had to wear glasses the whole two days and I hate wearing glasses so much but I had no choice. It was a pretty long drive too but I love road trips so I didn't mind.(:

Santa Cruz Boardwalk.<3
This is the only picture that I took that was good enough to post.
Look at this guy. This would've been a good picture but noooo he had to butt in. >.> 

My Uncle thought it wasn't going to be deep enough to's deep.

If your at the beach, of course you had to do this.(:

Muahahaaa! >:D

We stayed at a hotel and I realized I got sunburned. So saddd cause I really thought I was tanning. ;o

Can't belive I'm posting this picture. -.- Look at my hair! Crazy huhh. Plus can you tell I got sunburned?. xD
Can you see my nose&& chin sunburned or not really?. x.x
Day 2:
Monterey California.<3

We didn't actually go in there but I took a picture of it because you can't miss it. It's BIG AND RED.

But we did go in here.(:

Look what I wore.(: I got the Monterey sweatshirt too. ;D
This is one of the first things you see when you walk in. Pretty huhh.(:

I forgot what these were but it's an awesome picture.<3

This is one of my faves only because it's pink.(;

One of the best pictures I took out of the whole aquarium.

It's not just an aquarium;; It has birds too!.(:

Look sperm!. Jkjk it's just tiny jellyfishes.

I wish I got a good picture of this jellyfish but there were lotsa people in my way. -.-

Out of all the jellyfishes I saw, idk why but this one was my favorite.<3 Looks like a person parachuting.<3 A tiny cute person.^^

Polka dotted Jellyfish!. :D

Cute Sea Turtles.<3

I think this is called a Dragon Seahorse...O.o...I might be wrong?.

We also went here after the Aquarium.(: Love it there.<3
I'm not going to post anymore pictures because I think you guys have seen MOST of my trip. Plus I'm hoping I didn't irritate none of you guys with all the pictures I took. For those who read this blog post till the end, I really appreciate it because I know it is a very long post and I usually don't post this much. Thank you.<3(:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yum Yum Yum.(:

Wouldn't you love something cold on a hot day?.
I mean who wouldn't?.♥
Which one would you choose?.(:
I made this one. Pretty obvious, if there's something pink on there, most likely I'm the person who made that.
Nom nom nom nom! >:D Mmmm yummy.
What flavors I had on mine:
  • Reeses
  • Cake Batter
  • Cookies&Cream

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini haul&& Review.(:

I went to Target&& bought kind of useless stuff but not so useless because I like them.<3
Yummm bubblegum.(:
It looks kind of orange here but it actually looks more coral in real life.
Hooray for finally straight teeth!

I actually like it. Suprisingly for only a dollar lipgloss it works great. I bet if you youtube some more reviews on elf products most of the people will have a possitive feedback. I would definetly buy this again. After the lipgloss was gone on my lips, my lips felt mousturized maybe because of the brush scraping off dead skin on your lips. >:D One thing about it is it does run out quickly. :( But hey it's only a dollar what do you expect.(:
I will do more reviews on elf products.
Thanks for reading.♥

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday Girl!♥

Nahhh It's not my birthday.(:
It's my Lil Cousin Chloe!!!
She turned 4.♥
Well it wasn't technically her birthday but she had a mini birthday party
with her friends since she's not going to be able to spent her birthday with them
on her 'real birthday date'.
I took pictures with her with costumes on. Well, I had to wear her costume.
Suprisingly the grass skirt fit me!. So we had matching yellow grass skirts.
LOl;; waving her hands.
....Guess what's wrong with this picture?..
..Look at my feet. I have no idea what happened to the other pair...
Fairy wings! You know those used to be mine when I was about her age.
Her princess cake.

She fell asleep?. O.o Nahhh she's just hugging the cake.(x

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hairstyle: Hair Bow.♥

It has been so hot lately in Cali&& I always hate tying my hair up...
Until now...♥
Cute huhhh.(;
It was suprisingly easy to do this. I only used a hairtye&& 5 bobby pins.<3