Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FAIL: Crimped Hair

Today I crimped my hair to see how I would look like.
I honestly thought it would look good on me but in my opinion I didn't really like it.
It was too much volume for my taste but idk you decide.
I was in my green pajamas.(x && sorry about my messy bedroom.

Side view of my hair crimped.
Ewwwwh my camera made me look yellow. Whatever. Well I just wanna know your opinion about my hair being crimped.<3

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lazy Days&& Ice Cream.(:

Well I'm just going to talk about how my day went.
I was pretty much lazy today&& had nothing to do so I experemented with my pictures.
I entertained myself cause I took some pretty weird ones.(x
Picture #1:
As you can see I was not very creative. -_-But I did smile for you guys.(:
Picture #2:
This one was one of my FAILS. Ahas I couldn't make a heart soooo I picture edited a heart.<3
Picture #3:
Falalala!. My favorite one cause this one actually looks pretty good. I'm a pro huhh.^^....not.

 Well other than taking pictures of myself being a total camera whore. I did go out!.
&& I took a picture too(:
I used my phone to take this picture sorry for bad quality. -_-

Looks yummy huhhh.(: Butttttt not so much. I got it cause it looked pretty cute since it was pink&& all. && what girl dousn't like pink?. It's sherbet. I usually like that flavor but this one was just too sour for me but if you like sour then hey this is the ice cream that's right for you.(; All I can do is look at how cute it looks thinking it's yummy.<3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting BB Cream.(:

I'm excited to get it cause I've been hearing sooo much good stuff about it.<3
Idk what else to say really I just felt like ranting about it. Ahas.(x I'm a dork.
I just hope I don't get the FAKE one because I know there are fake products of BB Creams out there which makes me sad because people shouldn't be messing with other people's faces. :( When I get it I will let you know if I got the fake one but I'm hoping to get the real one or I will bitch out&& will warn people about the person who I ordered it from. WARNING!

Well since I know just text posts are kind of boring. I will post pictures for you.<3

Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Review: Green Lantern ***

I have a love/hate in between feeling about this movie.
I just watched it tonight in 3D&& let me just tell you that to me it's just another super hero movie with a lil twist?. The worst part of all was they kinda stole a scene from Superman where he flew on the girls balcony...again..with a lil twist?. Ehhhh. PLUS it's mostly all talk with the girl. It does have action but ALOT of talking too. My Mom also said it was kind of cheesy. I kinda have to agree with my Mom on that. I advice you to save your money&& not watch this movie in theaters&& if you really do want to watch the movie.<3

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beach Day with lil cousins(: Part 2.

Credit to my Uncle Rodwin who took these pictures.
Altho I'm not done posting ALL the pictures because I still don't have all of them.
I do hope you'd like them.<3

I love this picture. The colors are really pretty. LOl;; I have beach hair.

Me&& Chloe<3 I like how this picture makes me look tall. >.>
Ian&& me making sandcastles.<3

Well that's it for part two. My Uncle Rod took these pictures that's why they look much more pro than mine. ~.~
Wait for the other pictures I'll be posting.<3 Thanks.(:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beach Day with lil cousins.(: Part 1.

It was a lil cold at the beach when we went but we still had fun.(:
Picture time: Click on the picture so you can see a better view.<3
Meet Chloe(: Chloe&& I smiling for the picture. We were making sandcastles<3
This is Ian excited to run in the water;; me holding his hand so he won't go too far out.
Ian jumped on me cause he thought the waves were going to get him. xD
Well that's part one of the day at the beach. Those pictures were only from my camera. My uncle&& my aunt has more picture. I'm just waiting for the email.


I have no good picture at this time so this will do.

Well where do I begin...
I'm just gonna start with simple facts about me.
  •  I'm philipino.
  •  I like food...alot.(:
  •  I love to go duhh...what girl dousn't.<3
  •  My favorite color opinions change alot.