Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: ELF Dramatic Lashes 1714

These are the lashes I use. You will see me wearing them in alot of my pictures.
Your going to see me in this tube top alot cause I sleep in this and I'm a bum that's too lazy to change. As you can see, my hair isn't done. xD That's how my hair is when I wake up. Uglyy huhh. Plus I had to cover a part of my room with hearts cause it's messy. x.x

The lashes I use and have been using:

I get atleast two when I go to the store.(:

Cost only 1dollar!♥


  1. I know it only costs a dollar on your country... :( but's it's like expensive here in the Philippines..I love this one from elf and it really looks good on you girl

  2. @firdaus: ahem, your a dude what do you want to know about lashes?. So of course it aint special to you. Now you should get out of my blog&& go to your lame one.

  3. wow they are so cheap but they look so gd on you!

  4. woah! I love cheap but good eyelashes since I'm ... cheap and I don't like spending money on anything unless it's cheap or on sale xD


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