Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School&& OOTD.♥

I just want to say thank you to those who wished me goodluck in school.♥
Your comments made me smile because I was actually pretty anxious about school, not in a good way, only because I just want to do my best this year since last year I was such a slacker. I am going to do my best!!! >:D So please still do remind me to be good in school and to do my work.<3

Sooo anywayyys.(: The first day of school I still had no clue what to wear. Ahaaas. So I just wore jeans a tanktop, and a cardigan. Nothing fancy. I don't really know what everyone else was going to wear so yeahpps I looked like a bum the first day of school but heyyy my nails were cute.^^

Ewwwhh don't look at me. LOOK AT THE NAILS!.

Anyways the second day of school I actually tried to look good.(x

The girls bathroom is gross.
You couldn't see the shoes that I was wearing in the picture but was wearing these wedges.



  1. cute! I always worry about overdressing at school :/ and I'm always too lazy/tired in the mornings so by second semester its always sweats and a tshirt or something like that xD do your best! Hope we both don't slack off in school this year

  2. // haha, good thing you didnt get the point. Its screencaps from the movie "babe", and i ment to do it in such way that those who havent seen the film wont understand shit xP

    And, too bad my photoshop tutorial is in norwegian then, i should have made it in english, so more people would understand :/

  3. You are sooo cute Czarina! I want to pinch ur cheeks! You definitely look like a doll!!! Kawaiiii~ <3

  4. Super NAISU!!! I like your shoes! Yeeee ♥

  5. i like that outfit :) it looks great on you :D totally cute nails

  6. hello!nice blog!
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  7. omg how did i end up in this blog? lol

  8. Very cute outfit you got there! :)


  9. You're so cute! I like your outfit, I love your shoes!

  10. In school I was just too lazy to dress up... it just got better since I attend university (I guess students have more time xD)

    I also reviewed the EOS Candy Series (though in gray) but everyone keeps saying the same: dunno if we like the black outer ring or not o_o" On my grey one's it looks heavenly artificial which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. On your brown ones it doesn't show up that much which is better I think (:

  11. Oh I mispelled my own blog name which is so.. oh my xD So I typed it again this time because the former one there shows up a blog with a strange language I've never seen ^^
    Love! (:

  12. Thank you dear! <:
    Still can't decide if I should go for the pink or light brown bag...kinda hard to combine the pink one with all my other clothes. Maybe I'm wearing white all day then there's no problem... xD
    Have a nice week! (:

  13. @Spiros Theocharis: I have no clue how you ended up on my blog either but don't write anything useless on it. Thank you.

  14. Hey! Thanks for your comment, you're very pretty as well! Currently following your blog btw! :)


  15. Owwn!
    You're very pretty!!!
    And kawaii T-T <3.
    I follow you, follow me? :*

  16. Noooo you sorta didn't help xD But don't worry, I'll figure it out when seeing them in real <: Spontaneous reaction or something. I'll dieting all day in Japan just to spend money on all these things I wanna get =___="



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