Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beach Day with lil cousins.(: Part 1.

It was a lil cold at the beach when we went but we still had fun.(:
Picture time: Click on the picture so you can see a better view.<3
Meet Chloe(: Chloe&& I smiling for the picture. We were making sandcastles<3
This is Ian excited to run in the water;; me holding his hand so he won't go too far out.
Ian jumped on me cause he thought the waves were going to get him. xD
Well that's part one of the day at the beach. Those pictures were only from my camera. My uncle&& my aunt has more picture. I'm just waiting for the email.


  1. Pretty pictures! :) chloe is really cute! And you are sooo pretty! ^^

  2. gosh i have not visited the beach this summer yet, i wish i will :D

  3. Aaaawwww... You both are so cute !

  4. this is sooooo cuuute (: beautiful like always! <3


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