Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FAIL: Crimped Hair

Today I crimped my hair to see how I would look like.
I honestly thought it would look good on me but in my opinion I didn't really like it.
It was too much volume for my taste but idk you decide.
I was in my green pajamas.(x && sorry about my messy bedroom.

Side view of my hair crimped.
Ewwwwh my camera made me look yellow. Whatever. Well I just wanna know your opinion about my hair being crimped.<3


  1. I love big curls... Haven't tried crimpin' mine.

  2. It's nice but you're more prettier with straight hair :) oh that's for my opinion :D

  3. I feel like crimps are kinda dated. I like straight or curls. On my, crimps can look like burnt.

  4. So nice!!!

  5. New follower :)


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