Friday, June 24, 2011

Lazy Days&& Ice Cream.(:

Well I'm just going to talk about how my day went.
I was pretty much lazy today&& had nothing to do so I experemented with my pictures.
I entertained myself cause I took some pretty weird ones.(x
Picture #1:
As you can see I was not very creative. -_-But I did smile for you guys.(:
Picture #2:
This one was one of my FAILS. Ahas I couldn't make a heart soooo I picture edited a heart.<3
Picture #3:
Falalala!. My favorite one cause this one actually looks pretty good. I'm a pro huhh.^^....not.

 Well other than taking pictures of myself being a total camera whore. I did go out!.
&& I took a picture too(:
I used my phone to take this picture sorry for bad quality. -_-

Looks yummy huhhh.(: Butttttt not so much. I got it cause it looked pretty cute since it was pink&& all. && what girl dousn't like pink?. It's sherbet. I usually like that flavor but this one was just too sour for me but if you like sour then hey this is the ice cream that's right for you.(; All I can do is look at how cute it looks thinking it's yummy.<3


  1. Hi sweety, thanks for your comment :).
    love ur blog <3.
    I follow you, I hope you do the same, xoxox.

  2. Followed you already...hope you'd follow me back ;) thanks for droppin' by my blog

  3. Love the icecream <3
    thanks for visiting my blog
    ill follow u, i hope u follow back :D
    i will post a sigma giveaway soon, hope u can join

  4. you are very pretty.
    Feel free to me - always pays back for the comment

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment Hun!
    I like gummies instead on my lazy days! *winkx*

  6. You are adorable!
    I like your blog. I added it to the watchlist.

  7. beautifully

    I invite you to
    add to watch and I hope that you also add me. <33

  8. thanks for your comment
    you look adorable! :)

  9. you look really cute :3
    and nice blog ;D new followerr :3

  10. beautiful photos!! you're very pretty <3 and that ice cream looks delicious!!

  11. You are very pretty and i loooove your photos. Am one big fun of italian ice cream, i can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Am now following you and i love your blog.


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