Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beach Day with lil cousins(: Part 2.

Credit to my Uncle Rodwin who took these pictures.
Altho I'm not done posting ALL the pictures because I still don't have all of them.
I do hope you'd like them.<3

I love this picture. The colors are really pretty. LOl;; I have beach hair.

Me&& Chloe<3 I like how this picture makes me look tall. >.>
Ian&& me making sandcastles.<3

Well that's it for part two. My Uncle Rod took these pictures that's why they look much more pro than mine. ~.~
Wait for the other pictures I'll be posting.<3 Thanks.(:


  1. The middle picture is a very pretty mix of cool colors and warm colors.

  2. love the first picture too. i think the yellow pale makes the picture haha. it adds some kind of nostalgic childlike wonder to it :}

  3. I like all of these 3, just awesome:)


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