Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Since yesterday was 4th of July of course we're going to have some fireworks.(:
Honestly I like the poppers better even tho fireworks are fun to watch.
I hate taking fireworks pictures in my camera because it comes out bad.
Soooo I took videos.

Buht first some picture from yesterday.(:
He was like "Look at my hair!"
LOL;; look how mad Chloe is&& look behind her. Ian's messing with her.
Those pink lights are kids running with sparklers.
I just had to post this cause it goes with my background plus it's pink.<3
Video Time(:
Okay so I think this is a cute video because everytime someone throws those fireworks;; Ian starts jumping.
&& of course my Uncle had to do this...

Hope you guys had a nice 4th of July like I did.<3(:

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