Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday Girl!♥

Nahhh It's not my birthday.(:
It's my Lil Cousin Chloe!!!
She turned 4.♥
Well it wasn't technically her birthday but she had a mini birthday party
with her friends since she's not going to be able to spent her birthday with them
on her 'real birthday date'.
I took pictures with her with costumes on. Well, I had to wear her costume.
Suprisingly the grass skirt fit me!. So we had matching yellow grass skirts.
LOl;; waving her hands.
....Guess what's wrong with this picture?..
..Look at my feet. I have no idea what happened to the other pair...
Fairy wings! You know those used to be mine when I was about her age.
Her princess cake.

She fell asleep?. O.o Nahhh she's just hugging the cake.(x


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