Sunday, July 24, 2011

Broken car window. :(

I was going to go out with my family this morning and I saw this on my Dad's car...

Got broken peaces of glass inside too.

I mean who does this shit?. People work hard for their things so idk why people want to ruin it. I'm hoping this dousn't happen again. I'm guesing they were just passing by when they saw the GPS system out in the open that's why they broke the car window. That's all they stole so I'm guessing they were also in a hurry not to get caught. I hope this dousn't happen to you guys but sadly there's alot of stupid arrogant people in this world.


  1. It's really sad to know that happened to you. There's a lot of selfish people around and doing stupid things. And I just hate them. Why don't they work hard and purchase things that they want instead of stealing them.

  2. =[ That's so unfair! I don't understand why people would want to do that to someones car.. It's happened quite a few times to my dads car aswell =/

    Jade - x

  3. Thank you girls so much for your comments.<3
    Appreciate it so much.<3

  4. Thanks for your comment ;)
    I buy the sandals in seaside, visit Portugal, and buy this kind of things. <3
    I'm followin your blog.

  5. That can be easily fixed as far as i can see.


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