Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update ♥

I haven't really been posting as much as I used to. Lmfaooo posting every two to three days but it's not like I'm going to leave this blog behind. Hellll nooo. I will still update ALOT. Trying to find out interesting things to blog about. I don't blog in one category really. I blog about EVERYTHING I want to blog about.(: && hopefully it interests some of you guys. ♥

A Lil Update:
Well as you may know someone broke the window of my Dad's car and stole his GPS but he got that fixed on Monday and he also got a new GPS system. I haven't been feeling well the last 3 days which I have no idea whyy. ;( It's weird because next thing you know I feel alright and then I suddenly feel sick to my stomach. I have only been eating 1 meal a day only because I have been feeling full the rest of the day plus my stomach acts up. I'm hoping this will be gone soon tho, I'm pretty sure it will.

On that note I will post pictures up now because this post will just be plain boring without pictures.(x

Comfort Food: Tempura Udon
Dousn't that look good?. Sadly I barely even finished this. ;( My stomach acted like it was full even tho I didn't eat all day plus my stomach was acting up anyways.
Comfort Food: Tempura Udon
Do you see the tempura on the right?. Yummm(: Who dousn't like tempura. I did finish most of the tempura tho...well I think I did.

Not a Comfort Food: Steak, Potatoes,&& Crab Legs
If I wasn't sick I would've been eating this and finishing it no problem!. I would also have the energy to even think about eating this. I did eat this last week ago when I didn't feel sick at all and I finished it. Yummm!. :D


  1. Hmmm Tempura Udon, its yummy, may you give one of them? hehe
    just kidding,

  2. Tempura udon! \(′ ▽`)/ even just reading its name already makes me happy wtfTempura udon! \(′ ▽`)/ even just reading its name already makes me happy wtf

  3. tempura udon is LOVE!!! yumyum!!!

    saw your previous post, bout your dad's car window.. karma's gonna hunt down those btards!

    thanks for visiting my blog too.. followed yours! :)

    greetings from Philippines,

  4. aweee..the tempura udon look delicious~~! btw, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog ^^

  5. I want the food right now!!!

  6. Oooh... looks so yummy! :9

    btw, I am your new follower hope you will visit and follow my page :)


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