Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mini Trip.(:

I should've posted this sooner but I still haven't gotten all the pics and I'm not so patient so I'm just going to post the pics I took cause my family's taking too long to send me what they took but whatever my pics are better than their's anyways. >.> ....jkjk.

Day 1:
The day started off when I was about to put my contacts on and I saw a rip. :( So basically I had to wear glasses the whole two days and I hate wearing glasses so much but I had no choice. It was a pretty long drive too but I love road trips so I didn't mind.(:

Santa Cruz Boardwalk.<3
This is the only picture that I took that was good enough to post.
Look at this guy. This would've been a good picture but noooo he had to butt in. >.> 

My Uncle thought it wasn't going to be deep enough to's deep.

If your at the beach, of course you had to do this.(:

Muahahaaa! >:D

We stayed at a hotel and I realized I got sunburned. So saddd cause I really thought I was tanning. ;o

Can't belive I'm posting this picture. -.- Look at my hair! Crazy huhh. Plus can you tell I got sunburned?. xD
Can you see my nose&& chin sunburned or not really?. x.x
Day 2:
Monterey California.<3

We didn't actually go in there but I took a picture of it because you can't miss it. It's BIG AND RED.

But we did go in here.(:

Look what I wore.(: I got the Monterey sweatshirt too. ;D
This is one of the first things you see when you walk in. Pretty huhh.(:

I forgot what these were but it's an awesome picture.<3

This is one of my faves only because it's pink.(;

One of the best pictures I took out of the whole aquarium.

It's not just an aquarium;; It has birds too!.(:

Look sperm!. Jkjk it's just tiny jellyfishes.

I wish I got a good picture of this jellyfish but there were lotsa people in my way. -.-

Out of all the jellyfishes I saw, idk why but this one was my favorite.<3 Looks like a person parachuting.<3 A tiny cute person.^^

Polka dotted Jellyfish!. :D

Cute Sea Turtles.<3

I think this is called a Dragon Seahorse...O.o...I might be wrong?.

We also went here after the Aquarium.(: Love it there.<3
I'm not going to post anymore pictures because I think you guys have seen MOST of my trip. Plus I'm hoping I didn't irritate none of you guys with all the pictures I took. For those who read this blog post till the end, I really appreciate it because I know it is a very long post and I usually don't post this much. Thank you.<3(:


  1. pictures are the best for telling a story.
    good job. ;)

  2. nice shot
    love your picture :)
    follow me back please

  3. pretty sweet pics you have there, wish my camera was that good :)


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