Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July&& My 1year Anniversary!.♥

It's 4th of July you guys! :D
4th of July is ALOT of things for me.
1rst of all: It's 4th of July!***FIREWORKS.***
2nd of all: My Lil Cousin Cody's 1rst birthday.(:
3rd of all: MY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
I love this picture but I love my boyfriend more. Ahas!.♥
This is the birthday boy;; Cody.(: This is the most recent picture I took of him on my phone.
LOl.(x Sorry babe I know you might not like posting a picture of you buht I REALLY REALLY REALLY like this picture.<3 Plus it's my blog....I can do whatever I want. >.> Phhhh. I love you.♥
I have the best boyfriend ever. I know we've been through alot but I think that made us stronger. This is the longest relationship that I've ever had. 1year?. Can you believe it. O.o I think I'm pretty lucky to have you. You can always make me happy unlike the stupid ass guys I've dated in the past.
Since I'm pretty sure my boyfriend will complain about the picture I posted of him...I posted an ugly picture of me that I don't like. Apperantly I was bitting the paper???...
Here's an okayyy picture of me. Not the best but it's alright.(: Happy 1Year Anniversary babe.<3

381♥(our secret only)


  1. thanks for dropping by~! what a cute baby! :)

  2. wow..happy 4th and happy anniversary! you look very cute and your boyfriend is silly just like

    hope you had a nice one gal.


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